Weleda – Going The Extra Mile In Natural Beauty Products

Currently, there is an increase in awareness of the importance of using natural skin and hair care products and so the demand for them has been on the increase and this has been a trend in the cosmetic industry for a while now. This means that many manufacturers are responding to the growing demand by coming up with such products. And this is where Weleda distinguishes itself as a trustworthy supplier of natural beauty products since 1951.


The interesting thing about trends is that if one is not careful, there is a possibility of getting tricked into buying products that may not be completely natural. One of the strategies mostly used is mixing natural products and synthetic ones with varying percentages. You will therefore do well to ensure you read the label properly and ensure that whatever product you are about to purchase lives up to its name.

The Differences

Natural beauty products fall into various categories depending on their ingredients. There are those that are 100% natural and it is quite obvious that these ones do not have any additional ingredients.

There are others which are labeled as “organic products”. This means that the ingredients have been grown through organic farming that is chemical-free. Different countries have different legislations concerning what constitutes an organic product. Some of them would require that it should be 95% organic while others allow it to be labeled if its ingredients are 70% organic. So you need to search deeper and do your investigations so that you get what you want.

There is another category of beauty products which is labeled “chemical-free” or “synthetic-free”. This would mean that it has ingredients that are natural and not man-made. The interesting thing is that although its ingredients are natural, that does not mean that they are organic. And definitely that means there are implications to this.

The Catch

There are so many companies that are creating natural beauty products and with the explanation above, you can tell that the way these ingredients are grown contribute a lot to how natural the products really are.

These natural ingredients can be obtained through various means and most companies buy them from wholesalers. This is definitely a bargain and one which allows the business to make good progress. However, it will require a company to go the extra mile and be diligent enough to find out how these ingredients are grown. Weleda, passionate about natural beauty products takes such an initiative, so that its products are without doubt reliable and trustworthy.

Why Weleda?

Weleda as a company has set itself apart from the crowd of natural beauty product suppliers since 1951 by ensuring its raw materials are unique. It therefore partners with the growers of these ingredients and ensures that the process of growing and processing them is done in keeping with its standards. You will love any of our products that you purchase.

We have a range of natural and trustworthy products ranging from Weleda Salt Toothpaste, Weleda Skin Food which nourishes dry and rough skin, Weleda Rash Relief Cream which helps to treat skin rashes and nappy rash for children and Weleda Almond which is specially made for people with sensitive skin among others.

Weleda also has hair care products including Weleda- Revitalizing Hair Tonic which treats your scalp, giving it the nutrients it needs to become healthy and full of life.