Eight Shocking Facts About Breast Augmentation

breast-augmentation-18Breast Augmentation (more popularly called a “boob job”) is typically the most popular plastic surgery procedure ever. Ever than every other process in the whole world, more girls get breast augmentations since the start of plastic surgery. Is this surprising? Likely not. Why not? Well, this process is well known to drastically raise mental, physical, and sexual gratification. Together with the increase of the process comes quite fascinating facts that are shocking and stat.

Here are 8¬†facts that’ll blow you away:

They Could Keep Your Life

Seemingly, there was a scenario in La, California where a girl was found at the center of a shooting. She got hit, but her life was saved by her breasts implants by stopping the bullet. She might happen to be dead, if she never would have experienced a breast augmentation!

Where shrapnel repelled from a rocket attack from her heart another scenario occurred in Jerusalem, Israel. That day, again, if she did not have a breast augmentation, she might have perished!

See? Breast Augmentation’s can save lives!

They May Not Be Safe

On the contrary side of things, breast implants can likewise be dangerous. How, you ask? Well, in 2012, a girl tried smothering her boyfriend to death (on purpose) with her new DD breasts. Therefore, while your own life can be saved by breast implants, they could still prove extremely dangerous. Be attentive!

The Biggest Man-Made Breasts

Is it possible to estimate how big the biggest breast implants that are man-made? The biggest man-made breasts in the world belong to Sheyla Hershey of Brazil. Her breasts comprise two gallons of silicone. Nothing more must be said here.

They Could Be Raffled Off In Political Campaigns

Seemingly, in 2010, a politician named Gustavo Rojas raffled breast implants off to finance his political campaign. I really don’t believe that this happened in America, but it shows us a lot about the power breast implants have, even if it did. They may also determine political campaigns.

They Could Raise Cash

A Japanese TV channel hosted a “breast power play for charity” which raised money for an AIDS effort in 2010. Breast implants care about helping individuals, and so should you.

You May Get A Degree For Them

Hong Kong truly provides a degree for bra studies. I will say that courses are truly offered by Hong Kong where you could get a diploma in bra studies. Why can you require a diploma in bra studies? What goes on in those courses? Let us leave it.

They Are Able To Keep You Out Of Jail

A girl was acquitted because her breasts were too large for her to fit through the space of breaking and entering. See? Breast implants can even keep you out of jail.

Just How Many Times Is It Possible To Get The Surgery

A celebrity named Lolo Ferrari holds the world record for the most breast enlargement surgeries done. Exactly how many processes has she had? 22.

Shocked? Otherwise, you will locate more fascinating (and uncommon) facts about breast augmentation on this infographic. Each of the aforementioned info is taken from this same infographic, which lists all the sources and further information in the bottom of the picture.